COUGAR Limited Warranty

COUGAR’s warranty covers products that, starting from the day of sale, show defects of material or manufacture that are objectively and demonstrably attributable to COUGAR and not to the user’s actions or other factor. The rights and obligations derived from this warranty shall be defined and limited as indicated below. Please note that different products have different warranty periods, for more details please check the packaging or the attached COUGAR warranty period explanation. Before submitting a warranty claim, please see the Support FAQs for your specific product, since you might be able to solve the issue yourself and not need a replacement.

Services provided

COUGAR’s warranty is strictly limited to repairing the goods or, when repair is deemed to be impossible or unsuitable, provide a replacement with either an identical product or, if an identical product is not available, a product of similar value.

Product Use

COUGAR does not recommend, endorse, authorize, or support any other use of COUGAR products, and using COUGAR products for different purpose from our instruction will invalidate the warranty.

Electric Standing Desk:

  • 2-Year Warranty for COUGAR Electric Standing Desk
  • 5-Year Warranty for lifting column


  • COUGAR does not authorize or endorse the user of COUGAR products as a part of, together with, or connected to, life support devices, medical equipment in general, military equipment, traffic or transportation related equipment or disaster prevention Systems.
  • COUGAR is not liable for any damage, expense, loss, cost, injury or any other result due to use of COUGAR products not in strict accordance with the instructions provided by COUGAR in the instruction manual.
  • Software, instruction manuals, boxes or other external packaging are not covered by the warranty.
  • COUGAR is not responsible for the warranty of any product serial number that has been re-posted, altered, damaged, or unrecognizable.
  • Any breakdown or damage caused by installation, repair, modification, or removal (breaking mark, damage or loss of the product compliance label) performed by service centers or personnel not authorized by COUGAR.

Rights provided by applicable local laws and regulations

This warranty provides the user with specific rights. The user might enjoy additional rights according to local laws and regulations. In case of conflict between this warranty policy and local laws and regulations, the latter shall be effective. This version of the warranty applies to products purchased on or after Jan 1, 2021. Before submitting a warranty claim, please see the Support FAQs for your specific product, since you might be able to solve the issue yourself and not need a replacement.